Designido Case Study

Designido, a creative agency, experienced challenges in managing customer relationships and financial data efficiently.
Before Wanas Apps' intervention, Designido relied on disjointed systems for CRM and accounting, leading to inefficiencies.
This case study explores how Wanas Apps transformed Designido’s operations using Zoho CRM and Zoho Books integrated through Zoho One License.


Designido's Challenges

  • Inefficient CRM processes, leading to missed opportunities and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Accounting and financial data were siloed from CRM data, complicating financial decision-making.
  • Lack of a unified platform for managing customer relationships and financial information.

Wanas Apps' Solution with Zoho

  • Customized Zoho CRM to align with Designido's unique business processes.
  • Integrated Zoho CRM with Zoho Books for seamless data flow and better financial visibility.
  • Leveraged Zoho One License for a comprehensive solution encompassing CRM, accounting, and additional tools.

Executive Summary

Designido is a creative agency based in Cairo, Egypt, known for innovative marketing and advertising solutions.
The company faced challenges in CRM and financial data management.
Wanas Apps, a Zoho Advanced Partner, provided a customized and integrated solution using Zoho One.
Designido praised Wanas Apps for their professionalism and expertise in enhancing their operational efficiency.

Problem Statement and Key Challenges

Disconnected CRM and accounting systems.
Inefficiencies in customer data management and financial reporting.
The need for a unified system to streamline operations and improve customer engagement.

Evaluation of the Problem

Wanas Apps conducted an in-depth analysis of Designido's processes.
Identified key areas where Zoho CRM and Zoho Books could be integrated for maximum efficiency.
Developed a phased implementation plan, including customization, data migration, and training.

Proposed Solutions

Customized Zoho CRM to fit Designido's business model.
Integrated Zoho Books with CRM for real-time financial insights.
Utilized Zoho One for a comprehensive suite of business tools.

Implementation Process

The project spanned several months, with phases for analysis, customization, and deployment.
Emphasis on training and support to ensure smooth transition for Designido's team.
Regular reviews and adjustments to ensure the system met all business needs.


Enhanced efficiency in CRM processes and financial management.
Improved customer satisfaction due to streamlined operations.
Significant time savings and increased accuracy in financial reporting.
Positive feedback from Designido on the effectiveness of the Zoho solutions.


"We have been greatly impressed with the services provided by Wanas Apps, as a Zoho Partner.
Over the past two years, they have significantly enhanced our experience with Zoho CRM through their expertise in customization and implementation.
Their team's professionalism and deep understanding of the Zoho ecosystem have notably improved our CRM efficiency and streamlined our business processes.
The impact on our business productivity has been substantial, making them an invaluable asset to our operations.
I highly recommend Wanas Apps for their exceptional service and profound knowledge of Zoho echosystems."

Mostafa Wanas

Managing Director & Founder | Wanas Apps

Founder of Wanas Apps, is an expert in development, sales, and engineering, with significant experience in the GCC and MENA regions.
He is a visionary in diverse industry sectors, proficient in business management, and has numerous certifications in software development